Studio Pringle

Studio Pringle is an architecture practice created by ex RIBA president Jack Pringle and his two daughters Maxine and Frankie Pringle. Created to respond to the rapidly evolving need for more responsible and sustainable construction - even in large scale and commercial sites - Grotesk partnered with the Studio Pringle team to create their positioning, identity and digital applications.




A positioning was created - Designing the Future - that reflects the forward thinking nature of the practice and their commitment to not just responding to change, but leading it. The identity system born from the positioning illustrates the dynamic world Studio Pringle occupy, their leading light creating cast shadows from architectural forms that shift ever onward.

Studio Pringle


The motion system and identity was rolled out by Grotesk onto a series of collateral pieces, documentation and merchandise. As well as the design, build and rollout of the Studio Pringle site. Since launch in 2022 Studio Pringle has already secured projects with multi million pound financing.