Gertrude Presents

Created to democratise the ownership of art, Gertrude is an online platform that hosts a curated community of artists, and offers work not only buy but to have in your home on a subscription.

Gertrude Presents is a new annual art fair & exhibition set up to bring together the growing community and act as a showcase of art to the public.




Named after Gertrude Steiner, the identity was built around the portrait of her by Andy Warhol. Taking the abstract shapes of his prints and using them as a metaphor for the community of artists congregating in space.

The identity has been built to be able to flex and evolve over time as the annual exhibition runs. Giving a recognisable consistency while allowing for evolution of expression.

Gertrude Presents


Taking place on Brick Lane in London, the work produced was used in situ as window and wall graphics - as well as for social posts and web advertising.

The exhibition itself drew not just crowds to the space, but also drove increased traffic to the Gertrude website. From both art consumers and creators.