Aethos Hotels are a lifestyle oriented hospitality group operating unique, high end hotels and experiences in sites around the globe.Grotesk partnered closely with the Aethos team to create the strategic foundation of the brand, and full identity system for all their properties, worldwide.


Native App


First identifying a target demographic of ‘conscious explorers’, a flexible positioning was developed to tie people, place and lifestyle. To then capture the natural flow of experience and community a living identity system was created around the ‘Aethos Flow’ graphic - a bespoke piece of generative software that creates infinite variety in visuals.



The identity system was created to span the Aethos masterbrand, and verticals for the different site categories - ‘City’, ‘Coast’ and ‘Country’. Each with a unique spirit and therefore a unique execution. Branding was then created and applied to the first batch of Hotel sites, in Ericeira, Milan and Saragano. Since launch Aethos has continued to grow into new sites in Corsica and Valle d’Aosta with plans for a major hub in Lisbon.