CAT Repowered AW19

CAT footwear is part of the iconic Caterpillar brand, a watchword for high-performing and hard-wearing equipment and apparel for generations.Grotesk partnered with CAT through their AW19, 20 & 21 campaigns to promote and elevate their streetwear offer with the ‘Repowered’ collection.




Our first collaboration on the AW19 campaign started with a strategic understanding of the demographic and goals. CAT wanted to reach a youth audience that may not be aware of the pedigree of the brand- and build on their rich story. We collaborated to produce and art direct a shoot over two nights in Brixton, London. Taking the shots back into the studio to apply the campaign treatment.

CAT Repowered AW19


Campaign executions were created in print and motion for ATL sites across Europe and the Americas, as well as web & socials. The campaign was a resounding success with a doubling in customer awareness and corresponding revenue increase.