CAT Repowered AW21

CAT footwear is part of the iconic Caterpillar brand, a watchword for high-performing and hard-wearing equipment and apparel for generations. This marked the third Campaign we worked on for the CAT streetwear range.




The Campaign positioning was intended to draw a connection between CAT and the urban environment - playing with the idea that CAT workwear and machinery is integral to the creation of cities around the globe - and therefore the streets that are now home to its fashion apparel. CAT is Built From More.

CAT Repowered AW21


We went into the studio to shoot in front of green screen. Capturing stills and motion to use over abstract urban imagery, juxtaposing built environment and construction. Echoing the ever evolving and growing nature of our cities and their culture.
Final applications were created to live in motion on socials, in-store and OOH.